Mother and a Child

Motherhood Support Group

Saturday April 25th @ 3pm VIA ZOOM - Free event

This support group will take place in the comfort of your home April 25th @ 3pm. Lets stay connected and supported during this weird time!


Zoom ID -  879-758-293

passord- 083412

Contact Darla at or 920-242-3773 for any questions, otherwise see you there!

Mother Breastfeeding Baby

Prenatal Breastfeeding VIRTUAL Workshop

Monday April 13th at 5:30pm - VIA zoom


This breastfeeding workshop is taught by Darla RN, IBCLC who has many years of experience in the hospital setting. These two hours will be worth your while. Prenatal breastfeeding education has been shown to improve the mother’s chance of reaching her breastfeeding goal! This class will focus on the first few days of life, specifically immediately postpartum and in the hospital setting. After learning what to expect, this class explores ways to get breastfeeding off to a great start and much more. This class uses a presentation, videos and hands on learning so all types of learners are engaged. Mothers are encouraged to bring their support person with them to attend, this is no additional cost. These workshops remain small in order to achieve a more personal and tailored class, so make sure to claim your spot! Class is $35 - payment by Venmo under Darla's name Darla Moneymaker

Contact Darla at or 920-242-3773 to sign up

Young Businesswomen

Back to Work and Pumping!

Private Consultation 


This class is taught by Darla RN, IBCLC. If you are going back to work or know you will spend time away from your baby and pumping or expressing milk will be required in order to reach your breastfeeding goal, this workshop is for you! This class is recommended to be taken postpartum where baby and support person can also attend.  How to you pump/express milk most effectively? How often/when should you pump/express milk? How do you safely store your milk? How do you maintain your milk supply while away from baby? When do you start pumping milk to start accumulating a supply? Not sure? That’s ok, because that is exactly what information will be covered in this necessary consultation 

Pregnant Woman Practicing Yoga

Yoga in the Labor Room VIRTUAL 

Sunday April 11th at 1030-1230- in the comfort of your own home via Zoom app


Come join Darla, labor nurse and registered prenatal yoga teacher in an interactive fun way to learn about labor and how to use your yoga practice to enhance it. This workshop will cover the stages of labor, when to show up to the hospital, movement that will support or add value at different points in labor, breathing and meditation, and guiding your partner in be assisting you in different postures.  

Signup  by emailing Darla @ or 920-242-3773 payment via Venmo to Darla Moneymaker