Prenatal Yoga

  •  ​Tuesdays 4:45pm at Hot Asana West End Studio

  • Thursdays 4:45pm at Hot Asana West End Studio

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  • Private and Private group classes available!

    • contact darlaleigh@mooremotherhood or call 920-242-3773 to book a reservation​

This prenatal yoga class is designed for the journey of pregnancy by including childbirth education and the understanding of anatomy and physiology during pregnancy.  This is a vinyasa flow sequence. The student can expect the following flow- beginning breathe practice, floor sequence followed by standing poses and warrior series, pelvic floor and abdominal work all beautifully wrapped up with a cool down and savasana! By considering normal anatomic and physiologic changes and addressing common aches and pains, the mom will leave feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.  A consistent prenatal yoga practice will strengthen the uterus and pelvic muscles, improve circulation, aid in digestion, exercise the spine and increase overall comfort. Consistently practicing the linking of breath with movement benefits the mother throughout her pregnancy and birth process. A safe, open community allows you to freely discuss any issues, from discomforts and concerns, to the wonderful new changes your body and baby are experiencing.


The mission of Moore Motherhood is using the yoga practice along with education and community to offer the mother a holistic experience.   

Postnatal Yoga

  • Post partum and interested in intentional movement made for healing and strengthening the post partum body? 

Postnatal yoga focuses on the rebuilding of the body. This yoga class focuses on the abdomen, back and pelvic muscle. The other main focus is releasing tension in the shoulders and neck, allowing the chest to open.  After carrying a baby in womb, and now holding and feeding a baby, this yoga sequence is vital. As with all yoga classes at Moore Motherhood, this class will address common issues and concerns that may arise in the post-partum trimester.  Nonmobile children are welcome to join the mom on the mat! This class should only be attended after the first obstetric visit (around 6 weeks post-partum) has already been completed.