Prenatal Yoga & Breastfeeding

A holistic experience for mothers.  

Prenatal and motherhood yoga.

In-home and office breastfeeding consultations. 

I'm here to let the yoga calm your mind and body while the professional lactation support assists you in feeding your baby.    



Darla is a registered nurse certified in maternal newborn nursing. She is an international board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) and registered yoga teacher. Darla has worked in the hospital setting for 8 years as a mother-baby nurse, stork nurse and labor and delivery nurse. She is now wanting to serve the community by offering prenatal and postnatal yoga along with breastfeeding classes and private lactation consults.  Darla shares a studio space with MamasteFit, a doula service and strength training for women in their prenatal and postnatal stages.



Darla is a registered nurse certified in maternal newborn nursing with over 8 years experience. She holds a masters degree in Health and Wellness and is an international board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) and registered prenatal yoga teacher. 


She now wants to serve the community by offering prenatal yoga along with breastfeeding classes and private lactation consults.


This year, Darla has added Health and Wellness coaching to her consults types. She will be attending the Tethered Oral Tissue Specialty (TOTs) workshop this spring.  Darla continues to obtain training in yoga through Hot Asana Yoga University and her next continuing eduction module is Find Your Voice.  




I love that Darla has a yoga AND nursing background!  Not only do I feel safe in her class as a pregnant mom, I feel heard!  I'm so thankful she has created this space.

Sally Houston

I am so grateful for this place! I try to make it to prenatal yoga at least once a week. Darla always takes great interest and consideration in how my body is feeling that day, which makes the experience feel very unique and personal. I was having nagging lower back pain and she walked me through what I needed to continue practicing at home to make me feel SO much better. Would highly recommend to a currently or formerly pregnant friend :)

Penny Lachance

Linsy Law

I highly recommend Moore motherhood for any breastfeeding mom or pregnant mom who is considering breast feeding! Without Darla during the first couple months of my breast feeding journey I do not know what I would have done. She is so knowledgeable and helpful! Darla also makes you feel so comfortable which was a big deal for me. This new mommy is so thankful to Darla and Moore motherhood for helping make my goal of breast feeding my baby girl happen!

Lauren Wilkins

Darla is incredibly knowledgeable and provides OPTIONS for her lactation clients! She understands that every mother’s journey with breastfeeding may be different and supports the family choices and provides options that align with their values as a family.

Gina Conley

"I received lactation consultation from Darla around 4w postpartum and she was a breath of fresh air during a stressful time.

I researched everything but breastfeeding during my pregnancy and in a moment of extreme uncertainty Darla was able to reassure my breastfeeding journey, as well as assess my little ones latch, and breastfeeding habits all from the comfort of my home. Additionally, she evaluated my daughter for any ties and recommended the correct flange size pump in preparation for moments I would be away from her and need to pump. Finally, Darla prescribed me a care plan that included breastfeeding and pumping techniques to implement while on maternity leave, but then transfer to as I begin working again. 

Darla is such an incredible human being, and really takes the time to personally hear your fears, while calming them with factual research."

Great place to connect and learn about many topics related to pregnancy, labor, and breastfeeding. I highly recommend the Prenatal Yoga Classes with Darla! Her Breastfeeding Class and Yoga in the Labor Room Class were both beneficial in helping us better ourselves during this process of becoming first time parents