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Private Breastfeeding Consultation

Why and When?

Darla Moneymaker RN, IBCLC offers in-home lactation consults for when you have specific breastfeeding needs. 

This specialized consult is needed if the mother experiences one or several of the following: 


Slow Weight Gain

Baby Behavior Change 

General concerns

In-home consults are available in Moore County and surrounding areas 

What to expect at an in-home lactation consultation 


A medical/health history (intake form) will be filled out prior to the appointment. After arriving and washing hands, I will sit down with you and your support team while you talk to me about your breastfeeding concerns. I usually start by asking "tell me about a typical day." After I listen to your story, we will go over anything of interest I found on your intake form. 


The next part all depends on my reason for being there- this initial consult is personally tailored to you and your baby's needs! A head to toe assessment on baby to include an oral functional assessment will be completed- I always ask permission before touching your baby.  I will observe a breastfeed, I am hands off and prefer you show me exactly what you have been doing.  I have a lactation weight scale that will tell us how much milk your baby has transferred.


After, I may offer suggestions, make on the spot adjustments that you feel comfortable with. A realistic care plan is made based off of our discussion and your goals. . You will receive this personalized care plan within 24hours. 


My services are covered by many insurance plans which I file directly for you. Tricare, BCBS & most Cigna to list a few. 

There is an addition in-home fee as follows: Moore County $25, Lee County $35, Hoke and Richmond $45. 

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