Private Breastfeeding Consultation

Why and When?

Darla Moneymaker RN, IBCLC also offers in-home lactation consults for when you have specific breastfeeding needs. 

This specialized consult is needed if the mother experiences one or several of the following: 


Slow Weight Gain

Baby Behavior Change 

General concerns

In-home consults are only available in Moore and Lee county. 

What to expect at an in-home/studio lactation consult - $115/$100


A medical/health history (intake form) will be filled out prior to the appointment. After arriving and washing hands, I will sit down with you and your support team while you talk to me about your breastfeeding concerns. I usually start by asking "tell me about a typical day." After I listen to your story, we will go over anything of interest I found on your intake form. 


The next part all depends on my reason for being there- this initial consult is personally tailored to you and your baby's needs! A head to toe assessment on baby to include an oral assessment will usually be completed- I always ask permission before touching your baby.  I will observe a breastfeed, I am hands off and prefer you show me exactly what you have been doing.  


After, I may offer suggestions, make on the spot adjustments that you feel comfortable with. A care plan is made based off of our discussion and your lifestyle. You will receive this personalized care plan and everything else we talked about within 24hours. 


Dates and Times Vary Each Week



Dates and Times Vary Each Week


Personalized Packaged

Dates and Times Vary Each Week